Secrets of healthy eating

At Biomed Natural Medicine Clinic, we have more than 25 years of experience in the nutrition field and have helped many people reach their nutrition goals. We’ll help you develop a Metabolic Balance Program that’s specific to your makeup. You can reach your health goals by using only natural medicine and taking a holistic approach to knowing and treating your body.

Working with a qualified nutritionist can help ensure that you’re eating the right foods for your body and maintaining your overall health.

Nutrition for energy

Nutrition is the source of fuel the body uses to power all of its functions, from regulating body temperature, maintaining a heart rate and running a marathon (for those that choose to). Just like a car, we can choose to fill the body with fuel that is useful to it — that’s high in nutritional value — or we can opt for low octane fuel that produces too much smoke and not enough energy.

A sluggish metabolism is often the result of eating the wrong foods. Certain foods have an abundance of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and the type of energy your body can easily burn. A healthy eating plan does not seek to limit your caloric intake or provide you with short term weight loss solutions that you’re unable to maintain for the rest of your life.

A healthy eating plan seeks to meet your body’s nutritional needs, giving you more energy and reduced weight (if necessary). When the body is well-nourished, it naturally regains its equilibrium and finds its happy balance. Our qualified nutritionist will help you to discover the foods that meet the unique needs of your body, with a customized eating plan.

Nutrition for optimal weight gain/loss

It’s not uncommon for men and women to find it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. While weight gain remains a common issue, there are also those who battle to keep their weight up. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight or maintain your current weight, the missing piece to the puzzle is balance.

There are a number of nutritional deficiencies that can contribute to weight gain. Magnesium, for example, can lead to sweet cravings.

There are also other factors to consider, like your sleeping schedule. Are you getting adequate rest? It is only after 6 hours of continuous sleep that the brain begins to produce leptin, the hormone responsible for the sensation of satiety that tells you when you’ve eaten enough. Inadequate sleep or frequently disrupted sleep can lead to patterns of weight gain.
The key to healthy weight loss does not necessarily lie in reducing your food intake. Most often, healthy weight loss can be achieved by increasing the volume of food consumed while reducing overall calorie intake. This is achieved with the help of a knowledgeable and friendly nutritionist near you.

We can help analyze your current lifestyle and give you guidance with regards to the best food choices that you enjoy eating. This can ensure that you are eating to meet your body’s nutritional needs, not only in the form of the macros that you consume (protein, carbohydrates and lipids) but also by looking at your vitamin, mineral and enzyme intake.

Nutrition for improved mental health

New research into mental health conditions such as depression suggests that there is a link between nutrition, gut health and your mental vitality and well being. Scientists are now beginning to believe that depression and fatigue are conditions that are closely linked with inflammation in the body. Research into ADHD also suggests that those who battle with this condition seem to be unable to absorb essential fatty acids from the gut.

EFAs are an essential element for optimal brain function. This new research yields exciting news, as it opens up a new scope of possible treatment protocols. It means we can start treating the brain from the gut without introducing mind-altering medications.

Our nutritionist can create a diet that promotes gut health in order to restore energy levels in the body, lift the mood, promote better sleep and clear brain fog. We don’t provide any one-size-fits-all health plans or diets.

Through our analysis of your body’s needs, we can create a plan that gives you the most positive outcomes. We can establish what this will look like with our DNA test in Mississauga.

A customised nutrition plan based on your unique health

Get a hair analysis test near you, available at our Biomed Natural Medicine Clinic. This can reveal some of the nutritional secrets in your body, such as what you’re deficient in or what you have an excess of. Regaining your body’s balance can help to get your metabolism back into sync and functioning optimally, for long term wellness and weight maintenance.

Your food should nourish your body, satisfy your cravings and meet your body’s energy and nutritional needs. We’re here to establish what your body’s needs are. We’d love to help you regain your sense of equilibrium and find joy in nourishment.

Are you ready to claim back your health and vitality? Contact us for an appointment today.

Nutrition In Cancer Care

Cancer touches everybody’s life in one way or another. But most of us know very little about how the disease works or why we treat it the way we do. The link between cancer and diet is just as mysterious as the disease itself. Much research has pointed toward certain foods and nutrients that may help prevent—or, conversely, contribute to—certain types of cancer.

Good nutrition is especially important if you have cancer, because both the illness and its treatment can affect your appetite. Cancer and cancer treatments can also affect your body’s ability to tolerate certain foods and use nutrients. Cancer patients need to maintain a healthy body weight and eat nutritious foods.
Sometimes the side effects of surgery, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy may cause a person to eat less and lose weight. Nutrition therapy is used to help cancer patients keep a healthy body weight, maintain strength, keep body tissue healthy, and decrease side effects both during and after treatment.

Nutrition therapy guide can help you and your loved ones learn about your nutrition needs and cope with treatment side effects that may affect how well you can eat.

Biomed Natural Medicine Clinic is dedicated to improving patient care by advancing the science and practice of clinical nutrition and metabolism. Whether you need treatment to manage a specific medical condition or reliable information to improve your nutritional health, Biomed Clinic can help. From individual consultations to weight-management programs, we offer a variety of options to best suit your needs.

Nutrition Therapy is an essential component of comprehensive health care. Individuals with a variety of conditions and illnesses can improve their health and quality of life by receiving medical nutrition therapy — including diabetes and cancer — which can be managed and even prevented through NT.

Using Nutrition Therapy intervention, Registered Nutritionist counsel clients on behavioral and lifestyle changes required to impact long-term eating habits and health.

Nutrition Therapy includes:

  • Performing a comprehensive nutrition assessment determining the nutrition diagnosis.
  • Planning and implementing a nutrition intervention using evidence-based nutrition practice guidelines.
  • Monitoring and evaluating an individual’s progress over subsequent visits in our clinics.

To learn more about how working with our nutrition professional could change your life, give our office a call at any time. We have assembled the best nutritionist team.

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