About me

Hanna Ormanczyk

Founder of the Biomed Clinic

My name is Hanna Ormanczyk, I am an Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Osteopath and Registered Nutritional Therapist. What that means is I specialize in Integrative Medicine, epigenetic approach, and advocating for its usage in correction, improvement, and normalization in contemporary medical practice.

I provide the most innovative, patients oriented, customized nutritional plans based on the blood biochemical or genetic profile, which are effective and safe for everyone. I am also a health and wellness author who aims to spread awareness about healthy eating practices among the masses. Registered Nutrition Therapist, Certified Holistic Cancer Nutrition Practitioner, and Metabolic Balance Coach. I am adept at delivering innovative, patient-oriented, and personalized treatments and strive to capitalize on the power of nutrition to heal dysfunctions in the body. My clientele includes every type of individual from professional athletes who are seeking to build a perfect body to cancer patients who want to minimize the ill effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and other forms of treatment. I am focusing on employing holistic healing methods to nullify the risks of ailments, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, intestinal permeability, and cancer.

History of my clinic

The Biomed Natural Medicine Clinic has its origins in Canada, where I ran a chain of holistic medicine practices for over 14 years.

I have had a lifelong interest in natural medicine, and at the age of 20 I decided to explore this knowledge. I started by learning to recognise body language. I have a vast knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the energy of the human body.

During my training, I met many doctors, including academics, who started to combine conventional medicine with natural medicine, creating a new trend, so-called integrative medicine.

During the years of my natural medicine practice, I continued to attend courses on an ongoing basis and to obtain further university degrees, all in order to learn about the latest scientific discoveries. In 2021, I completed my PhD in natural medicine at the University of Humanitarian Medicine.

I have introduced many innovative diagnostic devices into my practice, which help to determine the state of our health and the physiological and energetic imbalances of the human body in a natural and non-invasive way.

I believe that the basis of natural medicine is an awareness of how proper diet affects all problems in our bodies. The way we build our meals and a diet that is adequate to our bodies' needs is the basis for healing and maintaining the body's normal physiology and immunology.

Prizes and awards

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